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2017 Best Franchise Litigators — USA
By Jeffrey M. Goldstein


Over my 30 years of practice I’ve from time to time been asked by clients “if we hadn’t chosen you as our litigator, which lawyers would you have recommended that we had chosen to litigate our case?” Just again two weeks ago, during some dead-time during one of the prolific break-out sessions during Mediation for one of my clients, the issue was broached yet again. Interestingly, I had never provided a full and thoughtful answer to the question in the past. In addition, these clients wanted to know the best franchise lawyers ‘on both sides.’

For whatever reasons, prompted by that last Mediation discussion, I finally set about to list those litigators whose names I’d put on my personal informal list of ‘go to litigators’ for franchise and distribution. In preparing my information and non-scientific list I’ve used roughly the following criteria: (1) he or she has a minimum of 10-12 years in the franchise or distribution litigation ‘industry’; (2) franchise or distribution litigation (not franchise or distribution counseling or transactions) must predominate in his or her practice; (3) his or her ability and willingness to do battle in court are commensurate with their reputations; and (4) he or she participates in a full-time private practice. In essence, I have tried to informally distinguish between those who merely have prolific helpful professional ‘connections’ or ‘contacts’ in the franchise world (either within their law firms or in franchise corporations) and those who independently are able to plan, carry out and win litigation battles. Again, also note that I’ve not set forth a list of best franchise lawyers since a good number of these are not franchise litigators.

My personal and professional philosophy of practice in the franchise and distribution area is that I am a big believer in the free market while at the same time a passionate franchisee advocate. Accordingly, one of my goals is to provide franchisees with as much information as possible to successfully navigate their businesses; and, since litigation unfortunately is a very tangible and likely occurrence in the franchise world, I believe that this information would be helpful to some and perhaps many franchisees.

Last, I note that I have always held the very strong belief that franchisees should use attorneys who represent only franchisees and dealers, and who do not represent both franchisors and franchisees (or who represent only franchisors). I have written extensively about what I view to be the inherent conflicts in such dual-representation, and how such dual-representation is counterproductive to the overall mission of franchisees and dealers. Some of the best franchise lawyers in the country who started out as franchisee-only lawyers now surreptitiously represent both franchisees and franchisors. Accordingly, without repeating my thoughts again here, I have segregated the litigators below into three categories based on whether they have represented in the past both franchisors and franchisees, only franchisees, or only franchisors.

2017 Franchise Litigators

My Choices of Franchise Litigation Attorneys Who Represent Franchisees Only

Jeffery Haff      Dady & Gardner
Jeffrey M. Goldstein      Goldstein Law Firm
Michael Garner      Garner & Ginsburg
Peter Lagarias     Lagarias & Napell

My Choices of Franchise Litigation Attorneys Who Represent Both Franchisees & Franchisors

Lee Abrams      Mayer Brown
Howard Bundy      Bundy Law Firm
David Cahn      Whiteford Taylor & Preston
Carmen Caruso      Carmen Caruso Law Firm
Michael Einbeinder     Einbeinder & Dunn
Robert Einhorn      Zarco, Einhorn Salkowski & Brito
Allan Hillman       Kern & Hillman
Clarence Kuhn       Kuhn Law Firm
Michael Lockerby      Foley & Lardner
Julie Lusthaus      Lusthaus Law
James M. Mulcahy      Mulcahy

Robert Salkowski      Zarco, Einhorn Salkowski & Brito
Jonathan Solish      Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
David Steinberg      Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss
Robert Zarco      Zarco, Einhorn Salkowski & Brito
Jeff Zucker      Fisher Zucker


My Choices of Franchise Litigation Attorneys Who Represent Franchisors Only

Christian Burden      Quarles & Brady
Frederic Cohen      Cheng Cohen
Deborah S. Coldwell      Haynes & Boone
John Dienelt      Quarles & Brady
Dean T. Fournaris     Wiggin and Danna
Michael Gray       Gray Plant Mooty
Nina Greene      Genovese Joblove & Battista
Barry Heller       DLA Piper
Michael D. Joblove     Genovese Joblove & Battista
Kevin Kennedy      Wiggin and Dana
Peter J. Klarfeld     Gray Plant Mooty
Norman Leon      DLA Piper
Arthur Pressman      Nixon Peabody

Kirk Reilly      Gray Plant Mooty
Craig Tractenberg      Fox Rothschild
John F. Verhey      DLA Piper
Quentin R. Wittrock      Gray Plant Mooty
David Worthen      Quarles & Brady
Robert Zisk      Gray Plant Mooty


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