Why the Goldstein Law Firm is an Unbeatable Choice for Your Franchise Law Firm

Jeffrey Goldstein has been working as a franchise attorneyin the franchise and distribution niche for over three decades. During that time, he and the Attorneys at the Goldstein Law Firm have received unrivaled accolades for their talented, skillful, shrewd, insightful and compelling efforts on behalf of their winning franchisee and dealer clients. Here are some of the reasons why the Goldstein Law Firm puts Jeff Goldstein and the lawyers at Goldstein Law Firm at the top of national franchise attorneys.

There are very few franchisee lawyer specialists practicing in the country. Almost every franchisee-only lawyer has begun representing both franchisors and franchisees, although they do not fully disclose this to the franchisee community. This is because it is clear which side of the aisle has greater funds and resources to fund their law offices.

Many times these franchise lawyers try to argue either that they were only lending minimal assistance to the franchisor on its case and were not acting officially as the lead lawyer; however, this excuse rings hollow when you realize that these lawyers’ names are part of the law firm’s name itself – these very apologist lawyers make the final decisions regarding representing both franchisees and franchisors at the same time.

This joint representation of franchisors and franchisees, especially in the litigation context, is directly harmful to your status and position as a franchisee or dealer, despite any fast-talk otherwise. When shopping for advice, and seeking legal counsel, make sure to include this important factor in your review process — you want a franchisee lawyer looking out exclusively only for your interests; not a franchise lawyer, no matter how charming, that rides both sides of the fence.


Over Three Decades of Distribution/Franchise Law Experience: Jeffrey Goldstein, the Founder and Chairman of the Franchise Litigation Department, has over three decades of litigation experience in complex commercial litigation, with a specialization in distribution and franchise law. Jeff Goldstein’s reputation relies upon not only his unique ability to construct and devise winning legal and business strategies, but also on his exceptional talent to regularly cut through the legalese to achieve great business win-win results for his franchisee and dealer clients. Our firm has litigated against or consulted regarding probably the top few hundred franchise systems in the country over the years.

Specialization In All Franchise-Related Legal Subject Matters: In addition to general franchise and distribution law, Goldstein specializes in antitrust, unfair trade practice, and racketeering law. Further, the Firm has litigated or been consulted regarding almost every one of the top 200 franchises in the world. Each case is unique, and the Goldstein Law Firm has familiarity with and expertise in every type of claim that could be asserted or faced in franchise or distribution litigation, including, but not limited to: antitrust conspiracy violations, wrongful terminations, breaches of contract, unfair acts and practices, deceptive market conduct, price-fixing, resale price maintenance, discriminatory pricing, tortiouos interference, and discriminatory franchise conduct.

Experience and Expertise in All Court Systems in the USA: While many trial attorneys specialize primarily in local state court practice, Jeff Goldstein and the Attorneys at the Goldstein Law Firm practice regularly in Federal Courts and Arbitrations, as well as State Courts. In addition, Goldstein has years of expertise and experience in representing clients in complex commercial Mediations and Arbitrations, including both single person Arbitrators and well as Multi-Arbitrator Panels.

Widest Geographical Scope of Clients: Most attorneys focus their practices in or around one or two cities near their law firms; in contrast, Jeff Goldstein and the Goldstein Law Firm practice regularly in every state in the Country, through either direct Bar Membership or Pro Hac Vice admission. Our firm has been consulted by or represented franchisee and dealer clients in almost every state in the Country. In addition, the Firm has represented clients from the Middle East, England, and South America. Also, the Goldstein Law Firm has regularly represents large national franchisee associations with members from all states in the USA, as well as other countries.

Exclusive Client Base – Only Franchisees & Dealers: Jeffrey Goldstein and the Goldstein Law Firm, by choice, do not represent franchisors or suppliers; we represent only franchisees and dealers. Although some lawyers recently have made efforts to expand their client base by trying to represent both sides of the fence (they sheepishly state “we represent only ‘good’ franchisors”), the truth is that when you are embroiled in a dispute or facing ‘bet the farm’ litigation your best shot is retaining a franchise lawyer who represents exclusively franchisees and dealers, not franchisors or suppliers. Hidden conceptual conflicts of interest are endemic with such dual representation, especially in the litigation context. In his over thirty years of practice, despite the monetary allure, Jeff Goldstein has never represented a franchisor or supplier.

Personal Attorney Attention to Your Case: The Goldstein Law Firm takes on clients only in situations in which Jeff Goldstein is able to personally work on and supervise the matter. Some competing law firms will hook you up with inexperienced associates as your primary attorneys on your case. In contrast, at the Goldstein Law Firm you will have direct and full access to Jeffrey Goldstein, who works with you directly on your matter.

Large-Firm Training & Experience: Jeffrey Goldstein worked for many years during his career at two of the top ten international corporate law firms in the world. At Skadden, Arps and Morgan, Lewis, two of the most highly respected and powerful corporate law firms in the world, Goldstein represented a broad array of leading international Fortune 500 corporations in distribution and antitrust disputes with the government and third parties. After five years at one, and then six years at the other, Goldstein moved to a partnership position in one of the most respected litigation boutiques in Philadelphia, during which he began to specialize in representing only franchisees and dealers.

Government Experience:  Directly out of law school, and after obtaining a Masters Degree in Economics, Jeff Goldstein began working at the Federal Trade Commission, in Washington, DC. Specially chosen as a member of the Economic Policy & Regulation Office, Goldstein worked directly with a newly-formed task force focusing on limiting state and federal regulatory efforts that interfered with the free market. This included distribution frameworks established in the malt beverage and automobile industries. Thereafter, Goldstein was appointed as Assistant to the Deputy Director of the Bureau of Competition where he focused on complex trials involving unfair acts and practices and anti-competitive conduct and conspiracies. During his tenure at the FTC, the Commission held hearings regarding amendments for the Franchise Rule.

Active Writing & Research in the Franchise Field: Jeffrey Goldstein is an active advocate for franchisees in publications around the Country. Not only does Goldstein speak regularly to franchisee groups and associations about the rights of franchisees, but he also founded, and has been the Editor, of one of the oldest franchisee publications providing commentary on franchise and distribution cases around the country – Franchise Trends. You may sign up for a complimentary subscription to Franchise Trends by clicking here.

Familiarity with Laws in All States: Unlike your local neighborhood lawyer, or a franchise lawyer who represents both franchisees and franchisors, Goldstein has acquired an exceptional and remarkable understanding and knowledge of individual state franchise and distribution laws throughout the USA.  No state has the same laws as any other state. Further, in addition to general franchise laws, there are prolific special-industry state laws that exist in any one state. Not surprisingly, it takes many years of experience and study to develop an expertise to allow an attorney to fully understand and navigate every state’s franchise and distribution laws. In practicing for the last 30 years, Jeff Goldstein has developed a working knowledge of each of the approximately 300 state and federal franchise and distribution laws.


In sum, the Goldstein Law Firm is a franchise law firm dedicated to you, the franchisee. Franchise law is a complex field that requires specialization. That’s why Goldstein’s franchise lawyers represent franchisees and dealers exclusively.

In addition to our reputation as franchise litigators, we offer you a vast array of legal counseling services. We’ll comb through your franchise agreement and help you decipher the fine print your franchisor may not want you to read.

We also strongly believe in rapport between you and your franchise attorney. We’re committed to building a productive long-term relationship during your tenure in the franchise world.

To get started, contact us by filling out a case evaluation form or call 202-293-3947

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