If you need legal advice for a franchise acquisition or franchise dispute, contact the Goldstein Law Firm today for a free, confidential consultation.

No franchise attorney can claim to give you free legal advice on their website. If one does, you should run the other way because this is most likely not the type of attorney you want handling your franchise-related legal issues. Providing legal advice requires establishment of an attorney-client relationship, and your attorney will need to know detailed information about your specific circumstances in order to provide appropriate advice.

But, while we cannot give you free legal advice online, what we can do is arm you with the information you need to answer questions like:

  • When should you consider hiring a franchise attorney?
  • How do you choose the best franchise attorney for your specific needs?
  • Where can you find accurate, up-to-date information on the state and federal laws that govern franchise relationships?
  • What does the law say about franchisors’ obligations to their franchisees and dealers?

When Should You Consider Hiring a Franchise Attorney?

As a franchisee or dealer (or a potential franchisee or dealer), there are a number of different situations where it makes sense to seek the advice of an experienced attorney. At the Goldstein Law Firm, we are regularly asked to provide advice and representation for matters such as:

These are all common scenarios where franchisees and dealers need to be extremely careful to protect themselves and proactively address any issues that could lead to trouble down the line. This is where having an experienced franchise attorney comes into play.

How Do You Choose the Best Franchise Attorney for Your Specific Needs?

These days, there are several law firms that bill themselves as “franchise law firms,” and many other firms offer advice for franchise-related matters while also representing clients in a wide range of other areas. But, if you need legal advice for a franchise or dealership, shouldn’t you hire a lawyer who focuses exclusively on the issues that matter to you?

Franchise laws are complicated and the issues that arise in franchise and dealership relationships can be even more nuanced and complex. To make sure you receive competent, unbiased legal representation, you should consider choosing a law firm that only represents franchisees and dealers.

Where Can You Find Accurate, Up-To-Date Information on the State and Federal Laws That Govern Franchise Relationships?

Even many franchise lawyers do not fully understand all of the complex laws and regulations that apply to the world of franchising. As a franchisee or dealer, it can be helpful to gain a general understanding of the laws that apply to your situation; but, there is no substitute for seeking the advice of a qualified franchise attorney.

What Does the Law Say About Franchisors’ Obligations to Their Franchisees and Dealers?

Franchise laws vary from state to state (and not all states have franchise laws), and your franchisors’ obligations will to a large extent be governed by the terms of your franchise agreement. If you would like advice about enforcing your franchisor’s legal obligations, we encourage you to contact us for a free, confidential consultation about the options that may be available.

Seek Advice From a Franchise Lawyer With Over 30 Years of Experience

Franchise attorney Jeffrey M. Goldstein has over three decades of experience in franchise law, and he focuses his practice exclusively on representing franchisees and dealers. If you need franchise legal advice, call 202-293-3947 or submit our online form to request a free consultation with Mr. Goldstein today.

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