With over 30 years’ experience representing new and existing franchisees, attorney Jeffrey M. Goldstein offers a wealth of knowledge and deep insights for protecting franchise owners’ rights in contract negotiations and renewals. In addition to handling franchise agreement negotiations, Jeff Goldstein also represents franchisees in a wide range of other commercial transactions, regularly drafting and negotiating a variety of types of contracts on behalf of his clients.

Franchise Agreement Negotiations

As we have discussed at length on our blog, and as attorney Jeff Goldstein consistently counsels his clients, if you are considering a franchise opportunity it is critical that you hire an attorney to review and negotiate your franchise agreement. Franchise agreements contain numerous pitfalls for unsuspecting franchisees, and if you sign a franchisor’s form agreement without negotiating to protect yourself, you could be at risk for things like:

  • Sudden and unexpected mandatory expenditures
  • Facing difficulties when seeking to renew or transfer your franchise
  • An obligation to continue to pay royalties after your franchise agreement ends

Jeff Goldstein has a long record of successfully negotiating franchise agreements on behalf of his clients, and the Goldstein Law Firm offers three different flat-fee options for reviewing and negotiating new franchise agreements on behalf of prospective franchisees.

Franchise Agreement Renewals

If your franchise is up for renewal, there is a good chance that your current franchise agreement requires you to sign the franchisor’s “then-current” contract. This means that the terms of your current franchise agreement go out the window, and you will need to negotiate an entirely new franchise agreement for your renewal term.

Franchisors regularly update their agreements, so you cannot simply assume that your new agreement will be the same as the old one (especially if you negotiated more-favorable terms). Royalty and marketing fund rates, termination rights, dispute resolution requirements and other key terms could all be materially different in your renewal franchise agreement.

Other Franchise-Related Contracts

As business owners, franchisees regularly enter into commercial relationships that require written agreements. From marketing agencies to suppliers of durable goods, arrangements all with vendors should be “papered,” and your agreements with these vendors should provide adequate protections to ensure that both (i) you will get what you pay for, and (ii) you have appropriate remedies in the event of a breach. Attorney Jeff Goldstein is available to draft and negotiate vendor contracts for your franchise, as well as:

  • Customer contracts
  • Financing contracts
  • Purchase and sale contracts
  • Member, shareholder and partner agreements
  • Agreements to establish franchise associations
  • Other franchise-related agreements

In the world of franchising, things can – and do – go wrong in the blink of an eye. As a result, it is important to make sure you have appropriate documentation in place before you enter into any type of business relationship. To discuss your franchised outlet’s contract needs, contact us today.

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If you are considering a franchise opportunity, if your franchise is up for renewal or if you need assistance preparing or negotiating an agreement for your franchised business, the Goldstein Law Firm can help. To discuss your needs with franchise attorney Jeff Goldstein in confidence, call 202-293-3947 or request a free consultation online now.

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