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Automobile and heavy equipment dealerships are unique within the franchise industry. Dealerships are subject to strict industry-specific state and federal regulations, and a body of law has developed around the dealership model that is slowly beginning to provide much-needed protections for dealers who are struggling as a result of their franchisors’ conduct or facing unjustified termination.

At the Goldstein Law Firm, we have significant experience representing dealers in New York and nationwide. As a franchise law firm that exclusively represents franchisees and dealers, we are intimately familiar with the laws that protect dealers and the issues that commonly lead to disputes between dealers and their franchisors. If you are thinking about entering into a dealership agreement, buying an existing dealership from a franchisee in New York City, or litigating with your franchisor, lawyer Jeffrey M. Goldstein can provide you with practical and straightforward advice focused on protecting your investment.

30 Years’ Experience Representing New and Existing Dealerships

While dealers are generally exposed to the same legal risks as other franchisees, certain issues are particularly prevalent in the dealership industries. Mr. Goldstein brings more than 30 years of franchise law experience to representing New York City dealers in matters involving:

  • Price Discrimination – If your franchisor is restricting your retail pricing strategy by selling to you at a higher price than it sells to other New York dealers, you may have a legal cause of action for price discrimination. This is a complicated and evolving area of the law, and the laws governing your dealership agreement will have a significant impact on your legal rights.
  • Territory Encroachment – If your dealership agreement grants you an exclusive territory and your franchisor has granted a franchise to a competing franchisee for a location within your protected radius, you may be entitled to legal remedies for territory encroachment.
  • Termination Without “Good Cause” – The federal Automobile Dealer Suits Against Manufacturers Act protects dealerships against termination without “good cause.” This includes in-term terminations as well as refusals to renew. If your franchisor is attempting to terminate your dealership agreement, we can help you assess your rights and the options you have available.

In addition to these types of issues, our firm also routinely assists automobile dealers and other franchisees with issues such as:

  • Franchise agreement review and negotiation
  • Negotiation of dealership transfers and renewals
  • Unfair franchise practices
  • Franchisor antitrust violations
  • Franchisor fraud and misrepresentations
  • Enforcement of non-compete covenants and other post-termination obligations
  • Franchisee group and franchise association matters
  • Mandatory mediation and arbitration
  • Supplier pricing disputes and other supplier-related litigation
  • Trademark enforcement

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Mr. Goldstein represents franchisees and dealers in state and federal court, and he has decades of experience representing franchisees in negotiations, mediation and arbitration. Regardless of your circumstances, if you need advice or representation for a legal issue affecting your New York City dealership, the Goldstein Law Firm can help. For a free consultation and information about our firm’s flexible fee options, please call (202) 293-3947 or contact us online today.

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