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    Clients regularly seek out Jeff Goldstein when franchise terminations are merely days away relying upon Jeff Goldstein’s over thirty years of experience in courts and Arbitrations around the country.

    Franchisee Attorney Jeff Goldstein
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    Jeff Goldstein is truthfully only one of FOUR remaining national law firms that represent exclusively franchisees and dealers and not franchisors or suppliers.

    Goldstein Law Firm has Experience as Franchisee Attorneys
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    For over three decades Jeff Goldstein has worked in two of the largest corporate law firms in the world, the federal government, and his own law firm that represents only franchisees and dealers.


Get Legal Assistance from Franchise Lawyers Who Defend the Franchisee


The Goldstein Law Firm is a boutique national law firm that represents exclusively franchisees and dealers, not franchisors, suppliers or manufacturers. There are only a handful of franchisee lawyer specialists remaining in the country, as most have begun representing both franchisors and franchisees.

Franchise law is a multifaceted area of law that requires specialization. Any franchise attorney can tell you about a variety of cases where franchise agreements have gone south.

Here at Goldstein, our attorneys have as much as 30 years of experience handling all aspects of franchise litigation throughout the county.

We also specialize in franchise agreement assistance, bringing you the latest developments in franchise and distribution law. With the publishing of our Franchise Trends newsletter, we can help franchisees stay updated on developments concerning different legal aspects of franchising.

Dealing with the complexities and challenges of franchise law requires focus and specialization, which is why we represent dealers and franchisees exclusively. Unlike other firms, we at Goldstein are on the side of the franchisee. We can help you decipher the fine print of your franchise agreement and single out details your franchisor may not want you to know.

Without a knowledgeable and competent franchise consultant, you may be vulnerable to the pitfalls of franchise law. Simply walking away is not a viable solution if you’re looking to protect your assets and yourself from financially damaging consequences. For those who have already signed an agreement and are struggling with franchisor difficulties, our franchise law firm also provides legal assistance through its franchise attorneys.

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