Owning a petroleum gas franchise offers the opportunity to run your own business within the structure of the franchisor-franchisee relationship. For some entrepreneurs, this level of independence with the support of a well-recognized brand and a reputable franchisor is the perfect fit. For others, buying a franchise in the petroleum gas industry can lead to years, if not decades, of financial and legal struggles.

With over 30 years of franchise law experience, national franchise attorney Jeffrey M. Goldstein serves new and existing petroleum franchisees throughout the United States. He provides individualized advice for prospective franchise buyers and strategic legal representation for existing franchisees, and all of his clients benefit from his decades of franchise industry experience. When your financial future is on the line, your choice of legal representation matters. Find out why countless clients have chosen the Goldstein Law Firm for their franchise law needs.

Common Legal Issues in the Petroleum Franchise Industry

While each individual petroleum franchise opportunity presents its own unique challenges, franchisees throughout the industry commonly face a number of the same legal issues. These issues include:

  • Financial Obligations to the Franchisor – When do your royalty and advertising fee obligations begin? When do they end? Do you have to pay even if you are unable to turn a profit?
  • The Franchisors’ Obligations to Franchisees – What can you expect from your franchisor after you sign the franchise agreement? Do you have any contractual remedies if your franchisor fails to perform?
  • Site Selection, Leasing and Territorial Exclusivity – Does the franchisor provide assistance with selecting a viable site for your franchised business? Do you have the ability to relocate? Are you required to lease the premises from the franchisor? Does the franchisor have the ability to sell additional franchises that will compete directly with yours?
  • Renewal and Transfer Rights – When your franchise agreement expires, what do you need to do to renew? Can your franchisor prevent you from securing a renewal term? Can the franchisor block a sale if you are seeking to transfer your franchise rights?
  • Termination Rights and Post-Termination Obligations – When can you terminate your franchise? What about the franchisor? What constitutes a wrongful termination, and what can you do to protect your investment in the franchised business?

These are complicated questions that require a thorough understanding of the terms of your franchise agreement. Industry-specific and franchise-specific laws can come into play as well. At the Goldstein Law Firm, we take a comprehensive approach to representing our clients, analyzing the issues from all angles and seeking out the most cost-effective solutions to their legal needs.

Legal Representation for Petroleum Franchisees in All U.S. Franchise Systems

Attorney Jeffrey M. Goldstein is available to represent franchisees in all U.S. petroleum franchise systems. Unlike other franchise law firms, the Goldstein Law Firm exclusively represents franchisees and dealers. Contact us today to discuss your potential or existing franchise with:

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