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Domino's franchise operators accused of uttering death threats will keep store…

This is one way for a franchisee to hold down franchisee labor costs and at the same time side-step a franchise termination. Not sure, however, if the 'new big brothers' of franchisee organizations (big labor and the unions) would be happy with the result. JMG

The operators of a Domino's Canada franchise in North Vancouver who were alleged to have exploited two former employees will keep their pizza store. 

On Wednesday, CBC News learned a B.C. Supreme Court civil case, between brothers Keyvan Iranmanesh and Farhad Iranmanesh and Domino's Canada, was settled on Aug. 27, with the owners retaining the store.  

The employees filed complaints with police and government, and also said at the time that they feared for their safety. 

One of the franchisee employees told CBC News that his bosses said they would "cut his [Dearman’s] head off" and that "they're going to slit our throats and murder us."

Domino's terminated the franchise, but the franchisees fought the termination in court. In so doing, the franchisee won a temporary injunction in BC Supreme Court to hold on to their business while the court case was pending. They also adamantly denied any assaults or threats.

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