Whether you are thinking about buying or already own a franchise in the security and alarm industry, you need to be careful about protecting your legal rights – and ultimately your financial interests. Many security and alarm franchise opportunities involve a sizeable investment; and, whether you invest your savings, withdraw funds from a retirement account or obtain a small business loan, losing your franchise could have devastating financial consequences.

At the Goldstein Law Firm, we focus exclusively on representing prospective and active franchisees. We are one of only four national franchise law firms that does not also represent franchisors. This matters, and we are proud to have maintained our commitment to franchisee-only representation for more than 30 years.

Top Legal Issues for New and Existing Security & Alarm Franchisees

If you are thinking about buying a security or alarm franchise, having an attorney review your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and franchise agreement is a critical part of evaluating any franchise opportunity. The purpose of having an attorney review these documents is to allow you to make an informed decision, and to give you the opportunity to negotiate any provisions that present an unreasonable and unnecessary risk.

If you currently own a security or alarm franchise, you already know how quickly something can go wrong when you and your franchisor do not see eye to eye. At the Goldstein Law Firm, we routinely represent clients in negotiations and dispute resolution proceedings (including mediation, arbitration and litigation) involving issues such as:

  • Renewal Rights – What do you need to do in order to secure a renewal term? What are your options if your franchisor refuses to renew?
  • Termination Rights – When can you get out, and what are the ramifications if you choose to terminate? When can your franchisor terminate your franchise rights?
  • Territory Rights – Do you have a “territory”? If so, is it exclusive? Protected? What are your rights if the franchisor or another franchisee sells in your territory?
  • PostTermination Obligations – Are you contractually liable for the franchisor’s “lost future royalties” in the event of termination? Will you be subject to a non-compete? For how long?
  • Dispute Resolution – Are you required to submit any claims to mediation or arbitration instead of going to court? Is there a limit on how long you have to assert your rights? Will you be liable for costs and attorneys’ fees if the franchisor prevails in your dispute?

For more examples of the types of issues we handle, read: Top 10 Worst Provisions in a Franchise Agreement.

Top Security & Alarm Franchise Opportunities

Industry periodicals, including some online “best franchise” types of lists, identify the following leading security and alarm franchise opportunities available as of 2017:

  • AmeriCop – A staffing franchise that provides placement of off-duty police officers for private security services.
  • Securis – A franchise specializing in IT asset destruction for banks, healthcare companies, data centers, government agencies and other organizations of all sizes.
  • Signal 88 Security – A physical security franchise offering patrol, dedicated and event security services.
  • Shield Security – A security system and monitoring franchise serving both residential and commercial customers.
  • TeamLogic IT – An IT managed services franchise that specializes in infrastructure security for small businesses.

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Disclaimer: The identification of any franchise or company on this website is not an endorsement of any aspect of that entity in any regard, nor should it be taken as one. In this regard, our inclusion of a franchise or company on our site is merely a note of the existence of that franchise or company in a particular industry, not an opinion or recommendation as to the past, current or future legal or financial viability or of that franchise company, franchisor, or its franchisees.

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