Despite the rapid growth of online shopping, brick-and-mortar retail continues to be big business. From fast-casual restaurants to frozen yogurt, from moving supplies to pet supplies, if there is a retail model, there are likely a number of franchise opportunities available.

At the Goldstein Law Firm, we help individuals and groups evaluate retail franchise opportunities, and we represent existing franchisees in litigation with franchisors and third parties. With more than 30 years of franchise law experience, firm founder Jeffrey M. Goldstein has earned a reputation as an authority in the franchise industry, and in 2016 our firm was recognized as Finance Monthly’s global Franchise Law Firm of the Year.

Three Stages of the Franchise Evaluation Process

1. Due Diligence

When evaluating a new franchise opportunity, it is critical to collect as much information as possible. This is often referred to as “due diligence.” As a prospective franchisee, your due diligence should focus on: (i) gathering key information from the franchisor’s representatives, (ii) speaking with current and former franchisees, and (iii) assessing the opportunity’s financial viability in light of your personal experience and finances. For more information, we encourage you to read: 10 Key Considerations for Due Diligence in Purchasing a Franchise.

2. Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and Franchise Agreement Review

While you are conducting your due diligence, you should have an attorney review the franchisor’s FDD and franchise agreement. At the Goldstein Law Firm, we offer three different levels of flat-fee franchise review services.

3. Franchise Agreement Negotiation

In most circumstances, it will be in prospective franchisees’ best interests to attempt to negotiate certain provisions of their franchise agreements. While franchise salespeople often present these agreements as “take-it-or-leave-it” propositions, the reality is that most good franchisors will be willing to consider at least some modifications. Most franchise agreements present many of the same issues, and we can help you seek to negotiate more-favorable terms.

Common Issues in Franchise Litigation

If you are facing a dispute an existing retail franchisee, we can help you determine if it is time to litigate, or if alternative, less-costly options may be available. We have significant experience representing franchisees in mediation, arbitration and state and federal court in matters involving:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Franchise Encroachment
  • Franchisor and Supplier Discrimination
  • Unfair Practices
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Wrongful Non-Renewal
  • Other Franchise-Related Legal Disputes

Top Retail Franchise Opportunities

Industry periodicals, including some online “best franchise” types of lists, identify the following leading retail franchise opportunities available as of 2017:

  • Carl’s Jr. – A fast food burger franchise that can also be dual-branded with Green Burrito.
  • Church’s Chicken – A fried chicken restaurant franchise that has focused on rapid grown to expand to well over 1,300 franchisees.
  • Edible Arrangements – A well-known gift business with more than 1,000 franchisees worldwide.
  • Menchie’s – A frozen yogurt bar franchise that seeks to emphasize customer experience.
  • Papa John’s – A ubiquitous pizza delivery franchise with approximately 4,000 global franchisees.

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Disclaimer: The identification of any franchise or company on this website is not an endorsement of any aspect of that entity in any regard, nor should it be taken as one. In this regard, our inclusion of a franchise or company on our site is merely a note of the existence of that franchise or company in a particular industry, not an opinion or recommendation as to the past, current or future legal or financial viability or of that franchise company, franchisor, or its franchisees.

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